This is cocktail shrimpms are made of Cat Tiger shrimp which is a marine species usually caught in trawls. They live around 130 miters deep sandy and muddy bottom of the sea. In many country it is called as flower shrimp. Due to its abundant supply they become the most important commercially available shrimp commodity round the world. The meat is firm and fairly mild. When cooked it gives beautiful red color. In most country it is known as salad shrimp or cocktail shrimp. For the food service industry the product become one of the unique of its own.

    The most common sizes are 61/70, 71/90, 91/120, 100/200, 200/300 and 300/500. However due to its small sizes the quantity of 300/500 be the least.

    The season starts in September and ends by end April or early May. We are in a postion to supply 10x40'FCL per month during the season. We urge you to contact with us well in advance for your yearly demand.

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