Black Tiger Blanched/Cooked Peeled Shrimp Ring

    The Black Tiger Blanched or Cooked Peeled shrimp Ring reflects the innovation of the ever growing seafood needs in our everyday life. This very sophisticated value added ready to eat product is carefully designed by the very skilled labors for those customer groups who appreciate seafood/fish even in their party life regardless whether it may be a small family birth day party or a big office party. 

    This items may be served with deferent sauce as per customer test. They can be made with tail on or tail off shrimp. The size of a shrimp ring may vary depending on the number of shrimps and the sizes are used.

    They may processed as blanched and cooked and packed into a paper made box. Privet label and tailor made products are available as per request.

    We always here for your disposal to develop your own market. Pls feel free to send your inquiry soonest.

    Fro Black Tiger shrimp FACT sheet pls CLICK here.

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