Black Tiger Skewer

    The shrimp Skewer is well deigned for Barbecue/Gril purpose. Many people consider them as a replacement of meat that are greatly used for barbecue party. Shrimp skewer may be suitable for any season. Those who concern healty dite but at the same time would like to enjoy party with barbecue, shrimp skewer is specially designed for them.

    Shrimp skewers are made not only as per how many peaces of shrimp are used per stick rather they also count the shrimps sizes and weight. I tis generaly offer as 9 OR 18-SKEWERS  / 500GR OR 1KG BAG OR inner BOX X 10 OR 6 box/master carton.

    Mostly the small sizes are used for shrimp Skewer. Since in the beginning of the black Tiger season most of the small sizes are available, therefore it is recommended to place your order during March/April. The small sizes are also available during August to December.However they can possibly be available during the whole season as per request. Pls place your inquiry soonest.

    Skewer may be processed as raw, Blanched or Cooked as per buyer request and may be packed 250gm to 1000kg. Privet brand and tailor made is possible.

    For BT shrimp FACT sheet pls CLICK here.

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