Black Tiger Ez-Peeled

    since they are quite easy to peeled, the demand for the Ez-Peeled shrimp has already been significantly increased  for some years. This item is designed to target those customer groups/households who has relatively  less or little time in their kitchen. They are the most cost competitive shrimp items among the head less shrimp.

    They usually sold as 80% NW and 20% glaze and may be supply as cooked or raw. However they can be processed as tailor made and privet labeling are also available as per customers request. Most common sizes are from 8/12 to 41/50. Due the difficulties to cut their shell the very small sizes are not really appreciated.

    There is not limit when it comes to quantity that we can supply of this item. Book your order now.

    For BT shrimp FACT sheet pls CLICK here.

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