As long as Head Less shrimps are concerned the peeled shrimps have been the most demanding items in terms of value added Black Tiger shrimp for both the house hold and food service industry.

    Peeled shrimps may be formed as PDTO (Peeled Deveined and Tail On) and PND (Peeled Deveined and Tail Off). Due to its unique advantage of having a small tail at its end the BT PDTO shrimp has become the most convenient way to handle shrimp on the dinner table.

    The BT PDTO may be available in all sizes however the most common practice has been the middle sizes i.e. form 21/25, 26/30 and 31/40.

    For the food service industry the item may be processed as 100% NW/NC as block frozen while for the retail industry they may be processed as IQF with some glaze percentage of e.g. 90%, 80%, 70% or as per buyer’s choice.

    Although most clients prefer none phosphate treatment with MTR 79 however as per buyer requirement the item well be processed absolutely completely chemical free for niche market.

    We can supply minimum of 5x40’FCL per month during April to end November.  Please send your inquiries as soon as possible. Pls send us your inquiry as soon as possible.

    For the Black Tiger shrimp FACT Sheet pls CLICK here

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