Shrimp cultured in Bangladesh is unique in it’s nature.  A favorable environmental condition of BARKISH-WATER aquaculture, particularly for shrimps/prawn, are available in Bangladesh. Unlike its neighboring countries like India, Vietnam, Thailand etc, intensive/semi-intensive aquaculture is not practice in Bangladesh instead an extensive aqua culture is practice where shrimp cultured in relatively small ponds holding with kinds of direct domestic care by the farmer where no additional feeding is provided to grow up the shrimp fry. Rather the fry grow up eating the natural food/larva available in the pond which makes the quality, in term of texture and aroma, of the Bangladeshi shrimp much better than its neighboring countries. Perhaps due to this reason the demand of Bangladesh shrimps is relatively higher for those who knows shrimp well.

    In addition, a unique harvesting method is practiced in Bangladesh. The cycle of production from fry to harvest is around 100 to 120 days. Shrimp harvesting is observed in every 15 days, particularly within the first 5 to 6 days during the full moon and half-moon period. Therefore the quantity in terms of assortment per contract may somewhat depend on natural harvesting.

    For a chart of shrimp Harvesting Period locally called as GOAN, for 2012 in Bangladesh pls click here.

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