Method of working

    Sales and Marketing: Functionally, our sales & marketing department takes care tasks including sales and public relation i.e. direct and indirect communication, promotion, and collecting inquires from our respected customers from round the world. Those inquires, are then immediately sent to several prospective processors in order to get some suitable offers. Those offers are then again analysis based on, on-hand/in house current market information and in the process finally place the most competitive offer to our clients. Please note that, after placing a request, we are able to place an offer within two to three hours of time, depend on the nature of the inquiry.  As soon as any offer is conformed, our operation department then takes care the whole production process and pre shipment inspection in favor of our buyers.

    Inspection Process: As soon as any deal is reached our operation department takes charge of production. In practice, prior to receive raw material, the concerning processing company is in question, must inform us and raw material must be received at the present of our QC personnals. We only allow raw materials which temperature remain 4°c or bellow 4°c at the time of arrival.

    From receiving the raw material up-to storage the finished product, i.e. the whole production period, our quality personals remains in the factory to ensure that a complete HACCP regulation is implemented through-out the production process. As soon as any batch of production is completed and that prior to storage them we mark on cartons’ outer surface with some symbolic letter as “ACQ” to distinguish our buyers’ product among other. When 70% production is completed (not later than 2 days before a specific shipment date) we do the pre-shipment inspection and take 1 to 2 percent samples per count randomly from the very same lot on which we marked “ACQ” during production. If any critical deviation found at the time of final inspection we immediately inform our buyer in the very regard and hold the shipment until the problem is resolved thoroughly by all parties involve.  At the period of loading for final shipment we again randomly checked if all cartons are marked with symbol “ACQ”. Maintaining this strict process we guaranty total transparency of the product that was initially ordered and therefore processed accordingly

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