Production Procedure

    After harvesting, shrimps are brought to the factory immediately through container van. The entire factory is a composite one equipped with receiving, beheading, processing, freezing and storing in a same building making necessary separation as per HACCP requirement to avoid cross- contamination.

     After raw materials arrival, quality control personal appointed by the company is in question check whether proper icing, dehydration, discoloration and other physical appearances meet the standard set by HACCP. They take samples from each lot of receivable shrimps for laboratory test. Test for TPC, Coliform, Faecal coliform, Salmonella, Melanosis and Vibrio cholera are done in own laboratory of the factory. Raw materials then are washed through pressure water and then finally shrimps are received for ready to process. The figure bellow shows the basic production process.

    Figure: Shrimp Production Process in Bangladesh.

    In the processing department, there is a separate section for beheading. Beheading is done on long table with running chilled water available for each worker. Enough personnel are used for beheading so that the overall quality remains well. Another round of wash taken place before export grading with a little concentration of chlorine. However if clients do not appreciate then prohibition of using any chemical shall be strictly maintain.

    After grading i.e. sorting the shrimps according to their size, the final round wash is taken place before planning for block or IQF freezing. The freezing and storing temperature maintained at -40oC and below -18oC respectively. A great deal of control is taken place in every freezing sector in order to be sure that only treated water (distil water) is used for product washing.

    In order to avoid cross-contamination, in every section of the production department, there are sufficient wash facilities like, basin, toilet, liquid soap, tissue paper etc., for workers use which compulsory to be attired with before entering into. Gloves, mask, apron and gum boot are must be warned. In addition foot dip with high concentration of chlorine is there before every entrance. Prohibition of the raw shrimp production department personnel entering into the cooked shrimp production department and the vice versa are strictly maintained.

    Every packer having either EU or US FDA approval or both as well as BRC, HACCP, UKAS, IFS, SGS, etc. which reflects the international standard of the packers. 

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